Shrewsbury Photography

Making Classic Images with Modern Light

The Grand Circle Tour with Tom and Susan Bean

The Grand Circle Tour describes a wonderful adventure thought the most magnificat parts of the Desert South West.


It is also the title of an upcoming photo guide book to this wonderful area with images photographed by my friend Tom Bean and text provided by his wife Susan Lamb Bean. I had the privilege of doing the final image optimization and conversion to CMYK for the printers.

The book centers on the geographic region of the Colorado Plateau and highlights ....


Re-Introducing Shrewsbury Photography and Lab

After a break of over two years while on an Asian Photo-Pilgrimage, I’m back.

Norm Shrewsbury at Bodha Stupa, Katmandu Nepal

The trip was personally very, very rewarding. I visited India, China, Japan and Nepal. In the coming months I will be working on creating photo illustrations of my Images of Buddhist Asia from my year at Lotus Lake. My intention is to offer attractive collectable fine prints and fresh stock images. I will be posting some of my exciting new work on my sister site .

My focus for this site is to offer affordable ...